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Most of the things we create are used by people. So it’s not enough to solve problems, we should design products for people and with their needs in our minds. So how can UX help us? User Experience Design is about a user-centered mindset above all and we can enhance our learning process by practicing it in our daily activities and interactions. From the career path you try to define for yourself to designing products that will solve the real needs of users, I believe that this is a life skill available to all of us.

So my invitation for you is to find out together how we can leverage the insights we get from the learning opportunities all around us for designing great digital products and beyond

Ana Trendafir
Ana is passionate about technology and education and she is currently solving digital problems while developing an user-centered mindset in the projects and teams she is working with.

Ana Trandafir

UX Designer at BearingPoint


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UX Design in everyday life

Академија за UX/UI дизајн

Темелна 30 неделна програма која ќе ти овозможи брз и успешен почеток на кариера во една од најбараните и најплатените професии на денешницата – UX/UI Дизајнер.

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