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How To Prevent The Murder Of Your Design – Nina Geometrieva

The First Deep Dive conference is a two-day event organized in the field of UX and UI design. The goal of this conference is to give back to our community. Sharing knowledge and building connections is the core of Brainster’s initiative. We invite you to listen, learn, engage and connect with tech professionals and companies all around the globe.

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What is this lecture about?

Nina Geometrieva was one of the speakers at the 2020 UX/UI Deep Dive Conference. The Deep Dive events organized by Brainster are gatherings for the global tech-community which includes companies, researchers, entrepreneurs, designers, thought leaders, students and policy makers.

Nina is a Product Designer @ Google Maps, an amateur Cyborg on Instagram, and an awful cook. After hopping from Skopje to Singapore, where she spent 5+ years, she’s now based in Tokyo. Nina started her career as a self-taught Graphic Designer, and through Visual Design and Illustration made her way to UX. Having worked with big and small teams, agencies, startups and freelance, she developed a taste for building playful experiences, and integrating game thinking into her work.

Nina Geometrieva

What can you expect from this lecture?

Point Of View from an In-House Product Designer at Google Maps

The 3 Step Process To Prevent The Murder Of Your Design

Minimum Lovable Product


How To Prevent The Murder Of Your Design – Nina Geometrieva


Темелна 30 неделна програма која ќе ти овозможи брз и успешен почеток на кариера во една од најбараните и најплатените професии на денешницата – UX/UI Дизајнер.

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