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Absurd design speaks louder 

When good UX is not enough, “Absurd UX Design” comes into play. In this free lecture, Angeliki Angeletou goes through why sometimes “Absurd” design is a better option than just industry good UX. You will learn why, how and when to use this approach to get more eyeballs on your beautiful “absurd” design.

4 March 2021

What's this lecture about?

In the last ten years, we have more or less achieved a visual standardization of the web, which made our communication and interactions more predictable and thus, more effective. This is visible in the buttons, the headers, the illustrations, the copy, and the layouts. All branded in a slightly different style but still looking extremely consistent and recognisable from one platform to the other.

UX today is taking the form of a global visual language! Yet, the pursuit of consistency, although it usually ends up in a result that is widely acceptable, does not help us to create an ‘honest’ relationship with the end user and thus a memorable (User) Experience. The scope of this talk is to remind the audience how absurdity can please our brain, tapping not in our need to recognize patterns, but in our innate drive to discover new things and be surprised. We will start from the philosophical and artistic background of Absurdism and study examples from web design, art, and pop culture to derive conceptual frameworks to push the limits of our own design work.

Angeliki Angeletou is a UX designer, based in Vienna. She holds a diploma in electrical engineering and a professional doctorate in interaction design and has formerly worked in UX research for products ranging from Surround Sound Systems to eHealth and Smart Home platforms. She often gets the chance to give information design workshops and lectures on design topics to research institutes from a diverse range of scientific domains, universities and conferences.

Angeliki Angeletou

Product Owner and UX designer on the mobile app ToolSensе.

Key Takeaways

Have you ever thought about unconventional ways of designing things to the point they seem absurd or even ugly?

Well, maybe there is a place where designs are better off being “absurd” or “ugly”. There is a story behind why things are the way they are.

"Consistent Design" vs Memorable Design

Today, should you design for consistency or memorization?

How absurdity can actually please your brain

Tapping deeper into the human brain, not in our need to recognize patterns, but in our innate drive to discover new things and be surprised.


After the speaker’s talk, you’ll have a 15minute Q&A sessions so prepare your questions in advance.

4 March 2021


Absurd design speaks louder 

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